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The Arkansas RV staff has over 70 years of experience in the Industry. My name is John Ward, and I have over 28 years of combined experience as a GM and Finance Manager in the RV and Automobile Industries. 

Our Service Manager, Don Walder, has been servicing RVs and managing RV Service Departments for over 42 years. He is a Certified Master Technician by both the RVIA and RVDA. He is also a trainer for Insurance Companies in accessing damage to recreational vehicles. "Big Don", as we call him, spent the last 18 years working in Elkhart, Indiana, where these things are made. We are VERY lucky to have Don! They say if Big Don cant fix it... Well it just cant be fixed!

Our Promise


Our Promise will always be to put our customer first, provide honest and fair pricing, and utilize professionally trained technicians to complete the work on your RV in a timely fashion. Our customers will ALWAYS be right because their opinion is all that matters! We understand that without you, the customer, we have no business!

Our Edge Over The Rest


Don and I have worked for many years at different places, and for different owners - some good, and some that have A LOT to learn about customer service. After our experiences, we felt we could combine our efforts and just do it BETTER!  It was really that simple!  We felt like customers were held hostage with the lack of quality technicians, the over-charging on jobs, and the amount of time the customer's RV just sat at a dealership not even being worked on. So... We are here to do it better! BETTER qualified and certified technicians. BETTER and cheaper labor rates. BETTER and faster service, with a GUARENTEED finished date.

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*All manufacture's warranties, Extended service contracts and insurance repairs must be pre approved*

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